uplift your home

We scour the earth to bring you products to enhance your home. From collectibles to textiles we have an ever-growing curation of home items.

Below are some of our customers favorite categories!



Pillows, Poufs, Blankets - OH MY! MY! MY!

For thousands of years, textiles have been what makes a home a home. Textiles say it all: they are your guests first impression and alter the ways in which you choose to live within your home. From local artisans to India, we pick our textile products by hand to find the most durable and inspiring products to complete your home.


ARt + sculpture

Art inspires us to think differently. Art should be chosen for your space to compliment your current life and spark a more interesting future!

Local artists are often featured in the shop alongside world table-top sculptural pieces and wall art.



Collectibles are the items that mean the most. These are the most sentimental items to place in the home.

From cast-iron figurines to one-of-a kind ceramic pieces we have an ever growing a category of collectible items.



Oversized Matchbooks for any occasion or theme! Customers us these matches for: Lighting candles, bonfires, wood ovens, and more!

Perfect for the cigar connoisuer.



We currently offer Urban Buzz Candles. Made in Akron, these small-batch container candles are 100% natural beeswax! Catch these great candles when you see them — they disappear off the shelves fast!


HOLIDAY season

Each year the shop transforms into a wonderland of holiday themes that bring in guests from around the state. Inspiring themes offer a glimpse into how awesome your home can be this holiday season. Be sure to get on our mailing list to be invited to our holiday open house at the beginning of November to see the shop at peak magic! It’s a fun night filled with bonfires, food, music, and merriment!